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Are you aware of the importance of starting the day in good form? Are you one of those who is always in a hurry and do not even have enough time to sit and have breakfast or, on the contrary, do you know how important is to start the day with a good tasty healthy breakfast? According to doctors and nutritionists, it is real important to start the day with a balanced breakfast.

That is what our company Torres y Ribelles and our brand BETIS has done recently. Imagine for a second a schoolyard full of energy thanks to children running and playing all over. That day parents were invited to participate in a nice event, 'A Spanish healthy breakfast', organized in collaboration with the Direction of the school and our Public Relations Team. Such a nice experience! It is part of a plan that will take place in different schools of our city, Seville, and surroundings, during the whole year 2020.




A classic Spanish breakfast for children is bread with olive oil accompanied by natural fruit juice, a good example of the Mediterranean Diet. Try with your children while they are playing or adapt your typical breakfast in your own country. Maybe you do not have bread and you prefer rice or cereals, no matter, add a small spoon of olive oil on it!




Why such kind of events in schools? Because children are the present and the future and it is very important to create healthy generations. No doubts. To invest in families, home and schools should be a task of everybody to change the world, starting by healthy food :-).

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