The companies that are part of Asoliva (Spanish Association of Olive Oil Exporting Industries), which includes Aceites Betis, Carbonell, Sovena, Aceites Ybarra or Coosur, among others, have never sold so much olive oil in the world. The year 2018 has reached a new historical record by placing 500,000 tons of olive oil on the world market, representing 56% of Spanish exports.

The outflows of Spanish olive oil beyond national borders during 2018 will be around 900,000 tons, according to estimates by Asoliva. In the eleven months of the year (until November) the olive oil output to international markets has been 819,000 tons, according to the official data of Customs.

If we analyze the evolution of the figures of exports of bottled oil (less than 5 liters) of Asoliva and Spain since 1948, they also offer a historical mark.

The companies that are part of Asoliva have never exported so much”, explains Rafael Pico, director of the Association. In 2018 the amount of olive oil packaged by these companies has been 250,000 tons, which is between 85 and 90% of Spanish oil.

The total exports of the companies of Asoliva account for 40.30% of the oil produced in Spain.

The Spanish brand is more present than ever in the world thanks to the Spanish packaged olive oil that gives more prestige than the bulk. Only packaged Spanish olive oil exceeds the average production of about 300,000 tons of Italy.

Asoliva believes that the technological modernization of the industry to obtain excellent quality oils, the commitment of companies to professionalize their export departments, investment in the opening of new markets and the benefits of olive oil for health, are some of the the key factors for exports to follow an upward trend that reinforce Spain as the undisputed world leader in production, marketing and export.