Christmas holidays in Spain


December is a perfect month to visit Spain where we have our own cultural activities and the old tradition is celebrated.

Spanish people commonly celebrate different activities. For example, almost everybody participates in the Christmas lottery, has dinner in family on the 24th December and eats 12 lucky grapes in New Year’s Eve with the sound of Midnight bells. Children love the Epiphany (6th January), because this is our traditional day to give presents. During the whole month of December, people usually organize lunch or dinners with some friends who they do not usually see during the year. Besides, in the companies, colleagues usually do the same. In all of these different meals, olive oil is a common ingredient in the dishes, that is why the consumption of olive oil in Spain during Christmas time is very big.

Through all the festival days, one of the most important theme is the food gastronomy. It is very common to eat different and typical Christmas dishes like starters, main dishes and dessert like turron among others sweets.

In fact, the traditional Spanish sweets are not only popular in Spain but also around the world. Many companies currently export products like turron and “mantecados” (Christmas sweet made from flour, almonds and lard).

The traditions of Spain have been maintained throughout history from ancient times.

The Christmas lottery is older than the gastronomic feasting. The first draw took place in 1763 when Carlos III brought this festival from Naples in the eighteenth century.

As for the Christmas dinner, it is a tradition to gather family to share the joy. Friends stay together for New Year’s Eve and it is customary to eat the 12 grapes, which will bring us luck for each month of the new year.

We wish you all the best and see you in 2019!