Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is threatened by a series of elements that directly affect its organoleptic properties, health and its nutrients. These enemies of olive oil, which favor its oxidation, are: oxygen, light, temperature and metal traces.

The Metalworking and Transport Technology Center (CETEMET) and Elaia Zait, a company dedicated to the design of utensils and specialized utensils for olive oil, signed on October 31 a collaboration agreement between both entities, in order to carry out the joint development of new objects that allow extracting the air of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) when we have it both at home and in the restaurant.

In this research and development of new tools, all these elements that affect the deterioration of this product will be considered. Therefore, the material used will be critical, requiring that: avoid light, conserve temperature and do not allow metallic traces in the oil, mainly iron and copper. But, above all, it is going to do a meticulous work in the eradication of oxygen in the objects where we conserve the olive oil. Either in the packaging of the commercial brands or in others that we use, specifically, to do so.

The oxidation of olive oil is produced by contact with oxygen, mainly affecting polyunsaturated fatty acids, but it is the temperature, light and metal traces that can increase the speed of this process. And, although oxidation can occur both in darkness, autooxidation, and in the presence of light, photoxidation, if we eliminate the air from the utensil that contains it, we can stop or slow it down, which would bring us closer to an optimal conservation of the product so that keep your properties.

From Elaia Zait, its founding partner Juan Carrillo Martínez, commented: “We hope to launch the new products during 2019. We are very excited about the project as it represents a new revolution when it comes to preserving these precious products, such as extra virgin olive oils .“

Juan Torres Moreno, director of R + D + i of CETEMET, commented: “the project is a new challenge for the institution and, above all, it is strategic because it allows us to innovate in a sector of great importance to us, given the location that we have. We would like more companies to be encouraged to develop new innovation projects to ensure that Jaén, and therefore, our country, continues to be a leader in this product.”