May I have one minute from you? Please, come and accompany us. About to expire the deadline to receive more votes for our company Torres y Ribelles and our well known brand BETIS, we would like to involve you in a very special treat. Not matter you did not have enough time to vote yet. You still have some time to join us, taking part of this ambitious project. Come on, are you ready to vote now? It is very easy, please do not miss the chance!

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We are all happy TORRES Y RIBELLES S.A. has been awarded in the category “The Award for International Expansion” and the reason is the exceptional achievements as the result of our increasing sales all over the world. A Spanish Olive Oil 100-year-old company founded in 1914, and nowadays, one of the top-ten Spanish olive oil exporting companies with our own brand BETIS.

TORRES Y RIBELLES S.A. will have the chance to compete in the Award for International Expansion in Spain. If successful, we will be very proud to take part in the grand final in May 2018, where the final 12 European winners will be announced.

Talent, dedication, innovation, jobs opportunities and careers, passion, success and prosperity… All this is our current partnership and our potential ones. Thanks very much indeed for your time and your support. Together is easier!