New year, new image

A new starting. It is very common at this particular period of the year, the very beginning with the early days of January, to be all excited planning actions to carry out an excellent year ahead. New Year’s Eve party and celebrations behind, let’s start working together on the goals for the new year 2017. Would you like to become our partner?

First, we would like to take this opportunity to  introduce you an important  improvement that affects to the image of our product packaging. From now on, we are commercializing light green glass bottles for our category Betis Extra Virgin olive oil. This decision has been made after a deep research, involving not only technical analysis but also marketing orientation listening to our partners as they  got the key response from the market.

The main technical reason for this change is that green bottles can provide the olive oil with a very effective protection against the light from supermarkets  and other points of sale.

When we talk about how to preserve bottled olive oil, one of the most important factors is to keep the bottles away from direct light. The ultraviolet ray can speed up the oxidation of olive oil and affect the taste and nutritional contents.

According to the result we obtained from several experiments we carried out, the light green bottle can reduce a 93% of the ultraviolet ray, which means an amazing protection of olive oil.

On the other hand, it is a fact, there is a trend in both domestic and international markets,  to move towards to the light green bottles. The reason is the product does not look ‘black’  to the eyes of the consumers who are happy because they  can  see  inside, the golden liquid, meanwhile the protection is guaranteed.

Besides, taking in account  our whole brand image, the design of the bottle, the label and other elements, we finally agreed the light green glass bottle is the best option for the positioning of the product in terms of quality.

Are you ready to join us now?