Olive Oil in bulk

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Are you using at the moment Olive Oil as an ingredient during your production process? Do you provide some other ingredients to food manufactures? Would you like to begin to do it or expand your current portfolio in this sector? We have the solution!

BETIS Olive Oil is your right partner for packing Olive Oil in retail, Horeca and traditional markets, however, do you know the bulk packages for food manufactures than we can provide you?.

You have available these three different sizes and packages:

- For European markets, in 25 Liters plastic bottles as the ones you can see in the images. They are loaded in a 24 PET bottles pallet. The product complies with European regulations regarding food safety and it is suitable for kosher, halal, vegetarians and vegans.

- On the other hand, if you need bigger package, you have the option of the Olive Oil in drums of 200 liters and IBC of 1000 liters.

Drums of 200 liters are shipped in a 4 units pallet which can be reconditioned and reused several times before being recycled. IBC of 1000 liters are more adapted to bigger industries for food or soap manufactures. It is a MX Ecobulk solution to transport food products economically. It complies with the specifications of the Food and Drug Administration (USA), the European Ordinance EC/1935/2004 and the Ordinance EC/10/2011, and it can be stackable till 4 units.

Nowadays, health conscious becomes more and more important every year. Consumers pay more attention to the labels in the stores and choose those healthier and more tasteful products. Olive Oil is the star of the Mediterranean diet and it can make the difference to choose any specific sauce, preserved food or desserts for example!

Don´t hesitate to ask for more information to marketing@torresyribelles.com. We will be delighted to move forward.