Summer has arrived and with it the high temperatures. In this season we usually introduce salads, fish, rice and cold pasta into our daily diet, all of course seasoned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). It is very important that during the warmer months we take measures to avoid EVOO to lose its properties, so it is advisable to put the bottle of EVOO closed in a dry and cool place, protected from excessive temperatures typical of this season.

 Consuming it daily is an extra for our health:

  • Helps protect the body’s cells against heat: Thanks to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can better absorb certain vitamins such as vitamin K (leafy green vegetables), E (nuts, green leafy vegetables and seeds), D ( blue fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna) and vitamin A (found in tomato, carrot or corn). Therefore, whenever you consume these foods, the ideal is that you do it together with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Some vitamins are transported by fats (fat-soluble vitamins), so that thanks to the oil, they can absorbed better by the body to enjoy its benefits.

  • It is an ally for your skin: In summer our skin and our hair also suffer the consequences of heat, chlorine and sea water. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent alternative that hydrates the skin in depth, softens it, prevents premature aging and protects it from the aggressions generated by the sun rays.

  • Moisturizing lips: There is nothing better to moisturize lips that apply a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you let the oil work for a few hours, you will notice that they are much more hydrated and that they look healthier and more attractive.

  • Care after depilation: After depilation often appears those unsightly pimples and the skin acquires a reddish tone that is not very flattering. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps us to favor hydration after the aggression, whatever the method of hair removal that we use. In addition, if we wax, it can also be used to remove the wax that has remained attached to the skin. Now, the oil can ‘suffocate’ the hair follicles and lead to the appearance of the unpleasant ‘encysted hairs’, which occur as a result of the inflammation of the follicles. For this reason, it is recommended not to abuse the use of oil or very oily or too creamy products.

  • Hair mask: Chlorine and sun cause damage to our hair, which usually dries excessively and starts to get tangled and curled more easily. In these cases it always works that before washing our hair, we use olive oil as a mask, (it can also be mixed with egg or honey to achieve greater hydration). After performing a gentle massage with the fingertips on our scalp and on the tips, we will proceed to rinse the mask with water (preferably cold and, failing that, warm) and wash it with our usual shampoo.

  • Insect bites: What can we do when we are bitten by that bite and do not have an anti-mosquito repellent lotion or cause allergy and we can not use it or we just want to avoid going out to buy it. Something that works to lower the itching and initial inflammation is to apply a few drops of olive oil in the area. With this simple remedy you can experience an improvement and, if the itching persists, you can choose to place a gauze soaked in cold water on the area.

You see the extra virgin olive oil is a great ally irreplaceable during the summer!