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"I stay home and eat well" is the initiative launched by the Italian Association of the Olive Industry (Assitol) in which, during these days of confinement by the Coronavirus, it invites Italians to rediscover good eating habits among the which highlights the use of extra virgin olive oil. Ultimately, it means choosing the right foods and cooking them at home, always involving all members of the family.

"In recent weeks, consumers have shown that they cannot give up extra virgin olive oil, even increasing sales in large-scale distribution. For those who have bought olive oil, we suggest turning this situation into a path of food education and rediscovery of traditional flavors," highlighted Anna Cane, President of the association's olive oil group,

"I stay at home and eat well" is an invitation to recover good neglected habits, starting with the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. Thus, from Assitol they have recommended following some simple rules: vary the dishes, focus on seasonality and simplicity, offering cereals (preferably whole grains), vegetables and fruits every day, followed, at least twice a week, by dairy products, legumes, meat and fish. "In this model, extra virgin olive oil is one of the main protagonists," recalled Cane.

Since we are all at home, sharing space and time, living together 24 hours a day may be the right time to involve children in the kitchen, offering food education pills: teaching them to eat more vegetables - olive oil. extra virgin in this case helps a lot - and more fruit, introducing these foods in the daily diet," they explained from the Association.

And as an aperitif, Assitol proposes the classic "merenda delle nonne" (Grandma's afternoon snack), a combination of fresh artisan bread and extra virgin olive oil. "Now that Italians have rediscovered white art, it's possible to unleash creativity, knead them all together, and then reward little bakers with a slice of freshly baked bread on which to pour a little extra virgin olive oil," she has highlighted.

"This combination is excellent for children, by virtue of its nutritional value and, in general, for all ages, since EVOO reduces the glycemic index of bread and this makes the snack excellent for diabetics," Cane insured.

To rediscover the flavors of the Mediterranean Diet, she has also recommended organizing an extra virgin tasting. “Children are often great EVOO tasters. Our advice is to experiment, try different products and compare them, since it is the best way to know the thousand souls of this extraordinary food. It is a sensory journey that never disappoints and in which the whole family can participate," she stressed.

For adults, the "new home chefs," Assitol suggests having two different products available, one for raw seasoning and the other for cooking, to enhance all recipes. “In the kitchen you can play with the combinations, depending on the dish and personal taste, and try new uses for extra virgin. From frying to pastry and pizza, EVOO can hold pleasant surprises, "he stressed, while recommending the proper preservation of this product in the hearth of homes, since its" true enemies "are light and heat. “Too strong lighting affects the quality of the product, so it should never be left near the radiators or in the sun, and the cover must be carefully used after use, keeping the product at a temperature between 16 ° and 20 ° C,", she advised.


Source: Mercacei

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