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Laura Amores was born in Seville and has lived in Italy, Belgium, and Japan. She began to work in Torres Y Ribelles in March 2018 as an Export Manager and is now responsible for European, Maghreb, and East Asian markets.

- Laura, could you tell us about yourself?

I am from Seville, where I lived until I became 18 years old when I decided to move to Madrid to study a double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at Carlos III University. During my 3rd year, I got an Erasmus scholarship and I went to Perugia, in the center of Italy where I was specializing in International Communication and Italian studies. When I returned to Madrid, I decided to combine my studies with an East Asian Studies degree majoring in Japan. In my last year, I went to the University of Foreign Studies of Tokyo as an exchange student from the Autonoma University of Madrid.

I have always been attracted to the international world so I decided to complete my studies with a Master in International Relations, thanks to which I was able to work for a few months at the Andalusian Government Office at the European Union in Brussels, where I was able to enjoy one of the environments more cosmopolitan and varied.

I worked at the Economical and Commerce Office of the Spanish Embassy in Japan and back to Spain, as Export Manager in a fashion company in Malaga. After in a textile multinational company in Madrid as Account Manager. Finally, after years out of my born city, I decided to return back and start working with the star product of my gastronomy and from which I have not separated in any of my stays abroad: olive oil.

- What values do you highlight about Torres Y Ribelles?

The combination of tradition and modernization looking to adapt a natural product to several cultures, always keeping high-quality standards and modern design of its packaging. In fact, we have just renewed our line of glass bottles and the lithography design on the cans to make them even more attractive.

Another important strength of Torres y Ribelles is its relation with clients, being real partners to get a long term relationship looking for mutual benefits in business.

- What do you most like about your job?

Being in contact with people from so many countries, bringing them closer to the treasure of the Mediterranean diet.

Introducing a natural product with so many benefits to the body and traveling several times a year is great. I can not only meet my clients face to face but meet new people and discover new products with colleagues in the sector. It is just wonderful. And it is impossible to get bored!

- Tell us something more about the Export Department.

Our Export Department has also International side. First, we are physically in two locations: Dos Hermanas and San Juan de Puerto Rico. From Puerto Rico we export to all American markets and from our main facility we export to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

All members have international experience, either having lived in different countries to study and work or because of their country of origin, as is the case with our colleague Xinyuan, from China. Thanks to this mix of cultures and experiences, we can contribute different visions of the same subject and get closer to our clients and consumers.

- Which is the key to the success of Torres Y Ribelles?

Just in one word: confidence. And adaptability.

We export to thirty markets with very different needs and conditions, and it is essential that they know that you are going to adapt to their demands. Some clients have special requirements regarding packaging or logistics, for example, and only daily work allows a company to be in the market for more than 100 years.

- Let's get back on you, what do you like doing in your free time?

I love to travel! That is why this job is just perfect for me. I can avoid eating while visiting a city around the world unless gastronomy is the strong point of my destination. I like photographs, shopping and having a relaxing time with my friends and family. Hiking with my dog is another hobby.

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