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The Taula del Sénia is a Commonwealth composed of municipalities of three neighboring communities Aragón, Cataluña and Comunitat Valenciana, related for various reasons: geographical, historical, cultural and linguistic. In addition, they are united to promote common objectives, such as putting value on an important arboreal heritage unique in the world, such as that of millenary olive trees. In its lands are the largest concentration of millenary olive trees in the world. At the moment the census of millenarian or monumental olive trees of the Territory of the Sénia reaches the 4,580 units, conforming in the landscape a mosaic of trees and dry stone, known like “the sea of olivos”.

The Commonwealth of the Taula del Sénia is made up of twenty-seven municipalities: three Aragonese, nine Catalan and fifteen Valencians. Within the Valencian territory, in the Castellón regions of Els Ports and Baix Maestrat, is where there is the highest concentration of millenary olive trees , being in the second where the number of olive trees with more than a thousand years is higher, reaching some even at two thousand. Authentic living monuments, witnesses of the passage of Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Muslims in these lands. These olive trees enjoy the cataloging of monuments from the 3.5 meters of trunk perimeter, but there are some that exceed ten.

These olive trees are protected in the Valencian Community by the Arboreal Heritage Law of May 2006, which prohibits the transplantation and trade of this type of trees and prevents the felling of specimens of any species with more than 350 years or that exceed the six meters of perimeter in the trunk, the 25 meters of diameter of glass or the 30 m. Tall.

Oil, an essential product of our Mediterranean Diet, the best and healthiest in the world, and used for many purposes since ancient times, has been cultivated throughout the basin since time immemorial.

The olive variety Farga is the longest and resistant to the inclemency of the climate. In addition, it stands out for its dimensions and beauty. Their trunks, modeled by the passing of the years, with twisted shapes and their grandeur, turn them into true works of art, authentic living monuments, a legacy that has survived to the present day thanks to the care and awareness of many farmers.

Currently, its extraordinary and unique oil, especially valued for its great flavor, own and different from the rest, is marketed for the enjoyment of the most demanding palates.

The olive oil of the millenary olive trees of the Sénia Territory, with certificate of guarantee, is a liquid treasure, of golden color and pleasant flavor, balanced in all its qualities. An excellent extra virgin olive oil unique in the world.

Spread throughout the Territory of Sénia, we find oil mills and cooperatives with their oil, Natural Museums with Millenary Olive Trees, which have marked routes in the different municipalities.

These millenary olive trees routes offer the possibility of enjoying outdoor excursions in the north of the Valencian Community, where the culture, history and Mediterranean gastronomy merge with the natural environment of the beautiful landscapes in which it develops, putting in value this important heritage alive unique in the world.


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