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Spain is the healthiest country in the world. It is paradoxical to write this when we are suffering the second wave of the COVID-19 health crisis, but for the second year in a row we head the ranking elaborated by Bloomberg from the Global Health Index they have developed.

This Index analyzes several health factors or determinants (smoking, obesity, life expectancy, availability of clean water, etc.) to rank countries and, with a maximum score of 100, ranks them from most to least overall health.

In the case of Spain, the score was 92.75 points, placing it once again at the head of healthy countries. Our country stands out for many reasons. Among others, because of our Mediterranean eating pattern and because of its enormously varied cuisine. Gastronomically, Spain is difficult to match.

In addition to diet, we have other factors such as the climate or our lifestyle and the study also highlights that we are the country with the highest percentage of walkers in Europe, with 37% of the population walking to work instead of driving compared to, for example, only 6% of Americans who do so.

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) ranking, in 2040 Spaniards will have an average life expectancy of 85.8 years, a figure significantly higher than that of 2016, which was 82.9 years, which would surpass Japan.

To complement this data, the recently published report Health at a Glance 2020, prepared by the OECD and the European Commission, reaffirms that Spain is in a good health position with respect to its neighbors in Europe.

Specifically, in terms of obesity among adults, our country is at an intermediate level in terms of the prevalence of excess weight. In the case of children, Spain is even a little better, as it presents figures that are somewhat below the European average.

Spain is a healthy country and the food and beverage industry is working to make it even healthier. On the one hand, by providing citizens with quality, safe and varied products. In addition, working in a sustainable manner and adapting to current living habits and new family models, without sacrificing taste and nutritional balance.

Food manufacturers innovate and anticipate to respond to new consumer demands and trends and provide a wide range of products suited to their tastes, needs and purchasing power.

We are also an essential sector for the Spanish economy, with more than 30,000 food and beverage processing companies that employ almost half a million people distributed throughout all the autonomous communities, setting population and contributing to local development.

In these days when the General State Budget is being debated and voted on, we reiterate our will to continue working to be the Spanish social locomotive and we consider that any increase in the tax burden on the sector would have serious economic and social effects.

We call for policies aimed at protecting industrial activity and the food and beverage sector, which is essential for the generation of employment and the recovery process of the Spanish economy.





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