Cooking is an art, and this can be proven with this delicious and suggestive recipe. Chicken is one of the most consumed meats and accepted by the general public, given its texture, softer than other meats and its delicate flavor. But even though there are countless ways to cook it, since it can be used almost everything, in most cases, we just cook it in the oven, fried, grilled or stewed.

Today we propose to take advantage of the mild flavor of the chicken to combine it with more intense flavors, which give the counterpoint to the recipe, as in this case the sweet and sour sauce.

In this way, we also benefit from the interesting nutritional value of chicken: proteins of high biological value, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, among other nutrients.

The combination of the spicy flavor of black pepper, the acid of lemon juice and vinegar, softened with the sweet taste of honey, makes this sauce an ideal complement.

It is a suitable dish for all ages, especially for the little ones, who often offer chicken breast empanada.

Accompanied by the sweet and sour sauce with pieces of pineapple and tomato, the breasts are very juicy.

Diabetic people can also take this dish by controlling the amount of pineapple, since if it is in syrup it concentrates more sugar.


The first thing we are going to do is prepare the sweet and sour sauce, for this we are going to mix in a saucepan over low heat honey, lemon juice, vinegar, thyme and pepper. Remove, until it is all linked, and let boil, for 3 minutes.

Then prepare the skewers, for this we will chop the chicken breast into regular cubes, not too big.

Wash the tomatoes and mushrooms and cut them in half. Cut the pineapple into slices and dice.

To assemble the skewers insert the pieces of breast, interspersed with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and pieces of pineapple.

Spread the skewers with the sauce that we have prepared and place them in a pan with a little Betis oil. We cook them by turning them over until the chicken is completely cooked.

We serve at the moment accompanied with the sweet and sour sauce in a separate container.

Note: the quantities indicated are for 4 people, cooking 10 min preparation 25 min.

  • Ingredients
    • 600 g of chicken breast
    • 30 g honey

    • Difficulty
      • Low

    • kitchen tools
      • Low

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