What is "oleotourism"?


Have you ever had the desire to enjoy a day surrounded by olive trees, learning how oil is produced or knowing which are the different kinds of olives? Then you must approach oleotourism. Tourism focused on oil production aims to disseminate the main characteristics and production processes of Olive Oil, a rich and healthy product like few others. Spain is the main destination for this type of tourism because it is the largest olive grove in the world!

Many people already enjoy oleotourism. Nearly 60 percent of the oleotourists are of Spanish nationality, although the French and the English also show a lot of interest in Spanish Olive Oils. According to a research carried out by the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of Cordoba, the average oleotourist is a male city dweller, over 45 years old and with a medium/high socioeconomic level. However, oleotourism is also projected as a fully family activity.

These routes are developed mainly in Andalusia, in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula and in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea, areas where a large part of the production of Olive Oil from Spain is focused. In these areas, we are given to know the history of the Olive Oil and walks are organized to these territories abundant in olive trees, the so called "almazaras" - special mills where this delicious product is made - and to different restaurants where the Olive Oil is the main ingredient.

The tours we comment on are complemented with tastings of the different varieties of Olive Oil (it is amazing to discover the many nuances they possess!) or with massages and beauty treatments. These include, for example, face masks made with honey and oil, a combination of egg and olive oil that makes us have a shinier hair or massages that favor the hydration of the skin. So, in addition to enjoying an excellent day in the countryside, you will be able to return with a more beautiful and attractive personal appearance of this walk!

Visiting one of the most important olive oil producing areas in Spain and enjoying, for example, the route of the Sierra de Cazorla, the Molino de Zafra or the Kingdom of Granada, is an experience that is so pleasant, it is impossible to forget. Travellers have the opportunity to find out where the oil is made, the historical anecdotes and the charm of these wonderful places.

On the other hand, the prices are quite accessible, since they range between 2 and 40 or 50 euros, according to the number of people and the activities included in these tours (guided tour, breakfast or lunch included optionally, if you take an aperitif in the field or if you have the option of becoming as an olive gatherer for a day, etc.). For the above, it is advisable to make such tours in the months of December and January, just in the olive harvesting season.

What are you waiting for to enjoy oleotourism? Come on!

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