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There are so many benefits of olive oil for children that more and more parents, teachers and nutrition experts are encouraged to include this little treasure of nature in the diet of the youngest.

This star product of the Mediterranean diet possesses a wide variety of properties and substances that are not only good for little ones, but also for adults.

Encouraging children to take advantage of the benefits of olive oil is more important today than ever, as 44% of Spanish children abuse industrial bakery products, according to a study on Health and Wellbeing in Childhood published by the DKV Institute for Healthy Living.

In addition, the countries of the Mediterranean area are the ones with the highest proportion of obese children in the whole European continent.

These latest data were taken from an analysis conducted by the World Health Organization's (WHO) European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative.

The study also showed that Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Malta and San Marino lead Europe in child obesity.

A disease to be taken into account because excess weight can lead to cardiovascular problems, hypertension and diabetes, among other ailments.

It is for all this that achieving that the little ones of the house take advantage of the benefits of the olive oil and combine it with the consumption of other healthy and nutritious ingredients has at present a great importance in the Spanish homes.



What are the benefits of olive oil for children?


Although olive oil is very beneficial for both children and adults, it is important that children do not consume more than three tablespoons a day.


Providing an extra dose of energy and vitality


One of the benefits of olive oil lies in its power to fill the body with energy, something it achieves due to its richness in essential fatty acids.

Thanks to them the children have the opportunity to start the day with vitality and have enough energy to go to school, do homework at home and practice sports or some other type of extracurricular activity.


Reducing bad blood cholesterol levels


Olive oil contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants; three components that are responsible for reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease.


Combat constipation


Constipation can affect both children and adults. If you want to improve the intestinal transit you can combine a healthy and varied diet with the consumption of a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach.

This simple gesture is fantastic for activating the intestines, ending constipation and reducing belly swelling in a healthy, simple and natural way.


Satiate your appetite


Satisfying hunger and reducing the desire to eat is another of the benefits of olive oil, a great advantage because it prevents children from stinging between meals and consuming unhealthy ingredients.


Activate blood circulation


Consuming olive oil on a daily basis is also ideal for activating blood circulation thanks to its high doses of omega 3 fatty acids, which improve the health of the circulatory system of large and small.


Helping children grow up healthy and strong


If you can get your children to consume olive oil on a regular basis, they will be able to grow healthy and strong, since we are dealing with an ingredient of natural origin that provides infinite nutrients and vitamins to the body.

If you want your children to take advantage of the benefits of olive oil for children, remember to start including this ingredient in your diet from pregnancy.

In this way you will take care of your health and, in addition, you will favor the good fetal development thanks to the vitamin E, that also takes charge of protecting to the babies of the asthma and of certain allergies.

When it comes to offering this complete food to the little ones, there is nothing better than encouraging them to delight the palate with a few slices of fresh tomato seasoned with a pinch of sea salt and a splash of extra virgin olive oil, as it offers a much higher quality than refined olive oil.

Remember, however, that consuming a spoonful of this small wonder of nature on an empty stomach is the best way to make the most of its many benefits.

If you want your children to enjoy good health you can encourage them to combine the benefits of olive oil for children with the consumption of some foods to combat fatigue.


Source: Wikiduca

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