The University Hospital of Jaén studies the efficacy of olive polyphenols compared to COVID-19
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  • The University Hospital of Jaén studies the efficacy of olive polyphenols compared to COVID-19



The University Hospital of Jaén is going to start a study that will evaluate the effectiveness of a food supplement, based on an extract of olive polyphenols, in combination with routine therapy, to observe the progression of coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2 towards severe clinical involvement.

The study will initially be carried out on 60 patients, older than 60 years, a population from which the risk of progressing to a serious stage is greater. If the study were successful, a second study with a larger population would be conducted.

The main researcher of the project at the Hospital of Jaén, Sergio Granados, has pointed out that “contrasted scientific evidence shows the healthy properties of the compounds present in the olive and its derivatives, such as extra virgin olive oil, or extracts in the form of nutritional supplements, and support the benefit of their intake. "

Thus, Granados has emphasized that "properties such as the improvement of the immune system, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, antioxidants, and even antiviral and antibacterial, among others, that remain intact in nutritional supplements such as the one used in our study, lead us to think that they can contribute to containing the progression of COVID-19 from mild manifestations to severe clinical conditions ”.

The food supplement is Alyvium® , with vitamin A, riboflavin and biotin, which is characterized by including a balanced and optimized combination of simple phenols, polyphenols and natural flavonoids obtained from a fraction of the olive that, according to the scientific literature, have shown a antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregating activity.

It is a product that is marketed to keep the immune system and skin in normal conditions and was awarded the Best Supplement of the Year in Europe in 2017 by the specialized media William Reed Media .

The study aims to focus on the first stage of infection, that is, from when the first symptoms occur and infection is confirmed with positive PCR. We will investigate how many patients evolve from mild to severe symptoms, measuring all the markers that, according to the most recent data, would be behind this aggravation, including cytokines, ferritin, D-Dimer and antioxidant markers, as well as thrombogenicity.

It is a satisfaction to be able to put our grain of sand to try to complement and increase the effectiveness of existing treatments and improve the clinical results of patients. We believe that acting at an earlier stage is very beneficial for the patient directly and for the healthcare system indirectly. We want to thank the professionals at the Hospital Universitario de Jaén for carrying out this study,” said Andrés Garrido, CEO of Solvitae Medical, owner of Alyvium® .

"We would also like to thank the Malaga company Genosa, specialized in olive polyphenols, who, from their experience, have contributed their know-how in the design of the study protocol," he highlighted.


Source: Mercacei

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