A different vacation: Oleotourism is in fashion! - Part 1
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  • A different vacation: Oleotourism is in fashion! - Part 1



Taste an olive octopus, discover the mysterious olive groves watered by the springs of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, practice oleocycling, taste a picnic paired with EVOO on the farm where he already made olive oil in the 16th century Hernando Colón, son of the famous discoverer ... Are you looking for unique experiences for this summer to the sound of the ancient tree? Follow us on this wonderful tour of the coolest oil tourism centers on the planet. You will want to repeat!


Mianning Peaktop Agricultural Technology

We enter the mountains that surround the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, in the southwest of the Chinese province of Sichuan. Here is Mianning Peaktop Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., a company that was opened in 2012 and has grown into a true 750-hectare village of olive trees irrigated with water from natural springs located at the southern end of the mountain ranges. snowfall. In this unique enclave the Aoilio EVOO is made ,full of health, life, vitality and beauty. And it is that extra virgin olive oil already awakens passion in the Asian giant, so the Chinese Government is currently building a macro-city dedicated to the olive tree that will integrate tourism experiences, green ecotourism, leisure and health. Once this industrial park is finished, tourists can have fun collecting olives and doing activities that will combine games and unique experiences for the whole family. Because China is not only dynasties, culture, landscapes and tradition, now it is also going to be EVOO. And in a big way!






The city of Tacna, located in the extreme south of Peru, is known for being the main producing region of the Andean country. But in addition to dedicating its efforts to innovation in EVOO production, Peru is at the forefront when it comes to oleotourism activities. Your flagship product? the oleociclismo, bike rides that allow you to appreciate the ecosystem of olive trees, flora and fauna that encompasses this unique enclave of the Latin American country. An entire experience that brings the visitor closer to a unique natural environment: the oasis of olive trees that survives in one of the most desert areas in the world, the head of the Atacama desert. On this tour you can see how the magic of the olive tree breaks the aridity of the desert, inviting you to embrace an ideal natural environment to leave stress behind and recharge your batteries by pedaling among olive trees. This unique experience culminates with a tasting of extra virgin olive oils and a tasting of appetizers made from olives and EVOO, as well as other typical Peruvian dishes such as the well-known olive octopus.. Before the end of the day, the visitor can purchase a wide variety of thematic products such as extra virgin olive oil soaps, ceramic items, small oil paintings with motifs dedicated to the olive tree or the local Vallesur juice . During the harvest period, between March and June, it is also possible to harvest olives and participate in the production of EVOO on site, even pack your own oil and personalize the label. An unparalleled tourist proposal that has already been baptized as the first Olive Route in Peru.





Hacienda Guzman

After the Discovery of America, Hacienda Guzmán (La Rinconada, Seville) became one of the most important olive oil factories in the world under the command of Hernando Colón, son of the famous discoverer Christopher Columbus. Today, more than 500 years later - and after being subjected by the Guillén family, owner of the farm, to an important restoration - the Hacienda Guzmán stands imposingly surrounded by 340 hectares of organic olive groves. Those who visit the estate can relive the production method used between the 16th and 19th centuries in the impressive original mill from the 17th century, as well as strolling through the olive library, a unique collection of olive trees with more than 150 varieties from 13 countries as diverse as Greece. , Albania, Syria or Mexico. The tour is completed with an itinerary through the three patios, the carriage museum and the Andalusian garden that surrounds the main facade painted by the romantic writer Richard Ford during his stay at the hacienda. As a finishing touch to the day, the organizers invite you to an exclusive tasting of the four references ofHG , the extra virgin olive oil produced on the same farm. But the oleotourism offer includes many more experiences that range from the guided tour with EVOO tasting or miller breakfast, to the most complete option, which includes a visit during the harvest season, horse-drawn carriage ride and picnic in the shade of the olive trees of Andalusian gourmet products. Are you signing up for a trip back in time?







The name TerraMater says it all about this Chilean company that was born from exceptional lands with noble vineyards and olive groves with thick and twisted trunks, surrounded by beautiful vegetation. Its philosophy: to promote Sumak Kawsay -Quechua word referring to good living- through the Mediterranean Diet, recovering the flavors and family values of healthy and authentic foods, pillars for a healthier and happier life. For those who want to enjoy its wines and EVOOs, discover its benefits and appreciate its attributes, the firm organizes a Mediterranean tour in which you can get to know its packaging plant in detail; plus an olive tour , which includes a tour of the Los Olivos patioto learn about the different varieties of olives, the oil extraction process or the use of olive machinery. And, of course, all the tours culminate with a tasting of their juices with intense flavor and great personality. Pure Mediterranean experiences in the heart of the South American Cone!




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