A kind visit from the UK



A few weeks ago we received the visit of our partner in the United Kingdom to strengthen the cooperation and for welcoming to our facilities.

The Brexit situation has not been an obstacle for the development and continuity of the commercial relations among this European country and Spain. On the contrary, this circumstance of uncertainty and rejection is assumed by Torres and Ribelles as an opportunity.

The United Kingdom imported 70 million kilograms of olive oil and 67 % of the total amount imported in 2019 was from Spain, 47 million kilograms, which makes our country the first supplier for the British market, followed by Italy with almost 16 million kilograms of olive oil. “According to customs data up to November 2019” - declared Laura Amores, our Export Manager – “the British market is the 7th largest olive oil importer in the world, which means an increase of 9,8% regarding the same period of the previous year”.

By working hand in hand, with mutual trust and cooperation, is the key to achieve goals: increasing the access to the British consumers to our treasure the Mediterranean Diet via olive oil as its main ingredient. Maintaining a healthy condition through physical exercise and a balanced diet is essential to keep our defenses active.

It has been a pleasure to welcoming you here!

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