Olive Oil, also for frying
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The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a guide where the use of Olive Oil is recommended for frying as a reflection of the last researches about the benefits to cook to a high temperature with olive oil for your health.

The USDA added the olive oil in a list of those oils with a high smoke point that are safe to cook and fry.

The USDA alludes to the book “Cook, Taste, Learn” of Mr. Guy Crosby, a teacher of Nutrition Science in the Public Health School TH Chan in Harvard, who declares that “Using olive oil for frying potatoes at 180ºC, it reduces three times the antioxidant activity after 6 consecutive fries of 10 minutes each (1 hour of total frying time) using the same lot of oil and cooling the oil after each frying. That explains why antioxidant of the olive oil protects the fatty acid against oxidation”

On the other hand, the high levels of phenolic antioxidant such as hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol survive to the cooking process, this is another reason to fry with Olive Oil. Frying in olive oil is the method which provides the best results in terms of phenolic substances.




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