Do you dare to prepare a dish with a taste of the Far East? Today we propose one of the most popular recipes, sweet and sour pork. Its ingredients are all very easy to find and economical, besides, it is very easy to make.

Although pork has been a restricted food in diets for people with cardiovascular risk or weight problems relatively recently, the truth is that depending on the part that is consumed, its meat can be lean, semi-fat or very grease. In particular, sirloin is considered lean.

In this case, accompanied by the sweet and sour sauce and batter, it is an exquisite dish but of an important caloric value; It also provides quality proteins, fats and, to a lesser extent, B vitamins, minerals and sugars.

The peppers, together with the onion, provide vitamins (they are lost partly with frying), minerals and fiber, which improves intestinal transit.

It is not a suitable dish for those who, due to health reasons, have to carry out a diet of weight or fat control and for those who should limit the amount of salt in their diet, given their contribution of saturated fats, sugars and sodium.


We start preparing the batter, for this we mix in a bowl 2 tablespoons of wheat flour with a tablespoon of corn flour. Add an egg and 100 ml of water, and beat well until you get a thick cream fairly homogeneous.

We prepare the pieces of pork tenderloin, cutting the piece into medallions, and then each of them in quarters.

Season and pass the sirloin pieces through the batter and fry them in very hot Betis olive oil, reserving them after draining them on kitchen absorbent paper.

Next, we prepare the peppers and the onion, wash them and cut rectangular portions of approximately 2 × 3 cm. Once ready, sauté them in a pan with a little Betis olive oil to make them crispy and reserve them together with the meat.

To make the sweet and sour sauce, mix the vinegar, honey and pineapple juice with the ketchup and soy in a saucepan, beating them vigorously while putting them on the fire. Add the teaspoon of cornstarch diluted in a little water, and let it thicken over low heat.

Once the sweet and sour sauce is ready, add two or three tablespoons of the sauce on the bowl where we have the meat and the vegetables, mix with enveloping movements so that the sauce penetrates the batter.

To serve, place the meat and vegetables in a dish, and salse with a little bit more of the sweet and sour sauce, letting all the ingredients impregnate in their flavor.

Note: the amounts indicated are for 2 people, cooking 20 min preparation 35 min.

  • Ingredients
    • 1 pork sirloin
    • 1/2 green pepper

    • Difficulty
      • Average

    • kitchen tools
      • Medium

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